Friday, March 23, 2018

Cold weather of Helsinki

The happiest country this year according to the UN Sustainable Development Agency (SDSN)

Here I am in temperatures around zero degrees, the weather that bites the bone, and you can avoid it by entering a place selling a snack or maybe buying a burger just to delay the cold air out there.

Feels a little quiet as the typical scenery in the cities of the arctic country, and not as crowded as the metropolitian city, but at certain hours may soon be crowded, when they break from hours of busy work.

But. Local residents say they like a habit, sauna bath. Maybe that's interesting to try.

Images M Haryani

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Moomba Festival Crowds

One of the city tour agenda besides Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and the Grand Prix

I knew when I was in town, exactly in March, something I probably would not have missed. Regardless I have been a few times to this city, but being in the crowd of the Moomba Festival on March 9-12 always makes my spirits rise.

The tradition that lasts for a long time, the festival that accommodates this cultural diversity only dihelat 6 hours, starting at 12 noon to 6 pm. It's hard to tell the excitement and joy of the crowd, the parade of decorative vehicles, the cultural procession, the food outlets of European, American and African countries offering their uniqueness seems to attract attention.

I also will not miss the culinary that is present there, I try to try various flavors of food from various outlets. It was very tiring, but very enjoyable.

Images V Arifin

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Melbourne Docklands

The very wide main harbor, and divided into several areas of tourism

We walked casually enjoying a slightly different atmosphere, enjoying the bluish sky with clouds, rowing yachts, tall buildings by the beach, and occasional gulls passing lazily.

You can ride a tram, bus or other means of transportation and get off at Docklands Park, walk a bit to Webb Bridge. Bridges with unique construction ideal for pedestrians and cyclists connect the residential area at Yarra's Edge with Docklands. Similar to the eel trap of the Koori tribe (one of the aboriginal sub-tribes), then took us to Victoria Harbor which is full of cafés and restorant.

You will love this area that offers a wide variety of unique foods and is guaranteed to be enjoyable.

Images V Arifin

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Streets of Amsterdam

In addition to looking at the polder, long street sidewalks is worth to pass

There's always the other side of the city, everywhere you walk, not just a collection of parts of the city in the form of water polder that is connected with tunnel, I try a new way to enjoy this city. But I wanted to enjoy its long streets with the neatly arranged sidewalks in this city, and the distinctive buildings of an era of ancient royal gothic.

Something you can feel, the city is very cyclist friendly, and available 22 thousand miles of bike lanes. The city is orderly, I see it another way and also making the tourists from anywhere feel the desire to find the uniqueness of the city.

That's where I walked, and took the time to breathe in the afternoon air. If only you were here, that would be good. The cycling city, it's great for a city life of the future.

Text and images N Siahaan

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Day in Rome

The historic city with its past buildings on the left and right of the street is tempting

After a strict airport check, and very disciplined at times, you can head to town by bus or train. It was quite stressful, as well as fun as a travel experience in an orderly and clean atmosphere.

You can walk every lengthy city sidewalks, recognize this city in different ways. Seeing a group of townspeople passing by, Rome is closer to walking through the ancient, artistic buildings. Understand the citizens of the city with all the activities, their daily busyness.

Something waiting to talk about Italy, do not ever miss their culinary, maybe a lot you know, but here it is all different, cappuccino, or pizza, pasta, fettucini and others, maybe even food from the middle east region.

Text and images N Devi

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Snow Festival in Sapporo

A unique winter holiday in Japan since 1950

Regardless of the biting air to your body in the first week of February, the 1.5-hour long journey flies from Haneda to this gorgeous city, as you take a stroll to Odori Park, Susukino and Tsudome to instantly feel the ice-festival atmosphere wherever you go, and ice sculptures.

But you can witness firsthand the various sculptures of snow and ice from snow sculptures from different countries. You should be able to feel the moment of excitement, especially at night that gives a certain light effect.

I am in the midst of thousands of visitors, from a variety of ice sculptures, and a lively area with the cries of children's voices in the middle of the arena.

Text and images Aughie Pangastuty

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Day Walk in Shibuya

The Omotesando, Harajuku and Shibuya areas are a trend among young people

You feel young again when you are in this area, although I also look for places with different shades, maybe Meiji Jingu Temple, Yoyogi Garden or see the lanterns displayed around the place.

This area makes you feel so spoiled, you can find various places to eat, resto, cafe, art mural along the corridor wall connecting Yamanote train line and Inokashira line, and all the needs of fashion trend for young people, and there you see something special.

In addition to fashion, you also never miss a place to eat on "Cat Street", cafe lined up offering a variety of tempting menu, a hangout for tourists and young people from the city of Tokyo.

Text and images Aughie Pangastuty

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Gouda to the south

One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands

They say the area was originally in the 11th and 12th centuries is a swamp forest surrounded by small rivers, Gouwe. Regardless now the city is filled with historic buildings, even an interesting church, De Sint-Janskerk.

I enjoy the sunset as one of the moments I always wait in this place. They, the people around me immediately took the camera gear and started while shooting the fun.

I like this town, a city famous for its cheesecake crafts and the typical name, "Goudse kaas" cheese comes from this place.

Images R Rumambi

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Tempting Culinary of Markthal

A culinary lovers' paradise in Rotterdam

You walk with the aroma of food, croquettes, poffertjes, stroofwaffels and fries, tempting waffles. The indoor market in the city center is now an icon of Rotterdam with a spectacular indoor interior.

Building from level two to level 10 unique dome buildings semicircular, like a market that sells various merchandise, vegetables, fresh fruit, meat, fish and others.

You'll love the atmosphere in the marketplace, offer culinary variety from different places, special culinary arenas that can take me as if at home.

Images P Djayasupena

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Whistler, a small town at the foot of the mountain

The city's largest ski resort in Canada for the top celebrities

Lake Alta, Whistler

You have to take the snowy road, the road congestion and need to be careful to get there, located in the northern part of the American continent.

It takes about 2 hours drive from Vancouver via the Sea To Sky Highway, the ocean, rivers, lakes and hills, the forests sometimes house people on the sidelines of the trees, the scenery and the snowy mountains of Blackcomb.

You could be lucky to see Brad Pitt or whoever you see on television, but do not miss their local specialties, dairy and cheese, or spaghetti.

Text and images Asti Soekirno