Saturday, October 21, 2017

Autumn at Adams

An afternoon in a town in Massachusetts

A journey in the day time before the afternoon, but I was amazed to see the atmosphere at Adams, this exotic autumn in this town. In fact I wanted to get out of the car and see myself in person.

The coloring leaves are tempting, reminiscent of an old song, "The Autumn Leaves," so romantic and memorable. The leaves are falling gently as if to greet you.

I will not miss a cup of coffee in the afternoon in the city center. You will agree, isn't it?

Text and images Kathy E Tampubolon

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Diwali Introduce in Flinders St.

Flinders St Station is often a promotional venue for companies or institutions

Still in the second week of October is a bustling season of activities around Melbourne's city center every weekend in promotional activities. You can see them confidently to introduce the cultural celebration of the Diwali Festival which means 'the line of light'.

One of the greatest celebrations in Hindu beliefs every autumn in the world where there is an Indian community, then known as the Festival of Light. As a symbol of victory over the darkness that is celebrated for five days.

You will feel the scent of light in this event, say from candles, lanterns and fireworks, and of course there are food and mithai special cakes, even buying new clothes.

Text and images Sastra Wijaya
Southeast Asia Editor at Australia Plus
Past ABC and Kompas Correspondent in Australia

Saturday, October 7, 2017

While in Prague - 2

A city with uniqueness of classical buildings from various eras, gothic, baroque, renaissance, art nouveau

As in the note in the first part, the classic buildings in the middle of town, and romantic atmosphere can dope you. Beauty from an era in the past, from Prague's Station, you soon meet Municipal House, North Powder Tower, State Opera Hall, and Palladium.

Elsewhere, say on the Old Town side, you can walk through the Royal Road to Staromestke Namesti with a right-to-right view of the store in rows. You see some kind of local food on offer, maybe one day you can try.

One looked rushed, and I followed up to Charles Bridge, always fun to this place, the bridge that became the icon of Prague that divides the river Vlatva. And, Prague Castle in the distance looks so quiet.

Text and images Revna Rumambi

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Majestic Dubai

The city means enjoying skyscrapers and metropolitan grandeur

This is a good opportunity for me, standing at an altitude and recording whatever I can achieve. The splendor of a city that continues to squirm and be able to seduce anyone.

You can choose the area you love, the old city with the history of the past, or head to the modern area with the Jumeirah beach, the Burj Al Arab setting and the souk area, all mesmerizing with its own characteristics. Enjoy!

Will not run out in a time when you're in town, cycling or just walking, but take the time in the stores to just hang out for a cup of coffee, something or look for their local food.

Text and images D Upala Poucin

Friday, September 22, 2017

Downtown Kyoto

The city is known to be the center of Japanese culture and art

Somehow I wanted to be downtown tonight, while the visits to temples, traditional villages, ancient buildings as well as ancient art areas can be on other occasions. Of course the mood of city festivity can not be equated with the capital, strolling around the downtown of bustling Kyoto, there's always a crowd of tourists here.

But the appeal of this city is different from what I know than Tokyo, although the hallmark of a big city with a row of big shopping centers, of course. They told me to also take time to enjoy the Arashiyama bamboo forest or to the Fushimi Inari Shrine temple.

To be honest I want to find their typical culinary, you can try tofu spice Yudofu, or maybe Uzumi Tofu, and also their Yatsuhashi sweet cake. There are many more, I will not mention all.

Text and images V Puspitasari

Saturday, September 16, 2017

While in Prague

The classic atmosphere of gothic, baroque, renaissance and even art nouveau coloring every corner of the city

You can choose to walk among classical buildings in Prague, believe me, romantic atmosphere will wrap you up, while enjoying Prague Castle at the summit. They, the visitors like to gather around Charles Bridge.

You will be fascinated by the atmosphere of the past on the Old Town side and up to the end of the bridge, a tower to enjoy the city from a height angle. A lively crowd of people at the Church of Our Lady before Týn or waiting for the sounds of the Astronomical Clock.

But. Do not forget to try a typical culinary there, trdelnik, they say a chimney cake, then there is palačinky, which is known as a thin pancake, as well as unique cakes from neighboring regions. How delicious!

Text and images R Rumambi

Friday, September 8, 2017

Kimono in Summer

The tradition of wearing kimono for young Japanese nationals during Summer

You will be fascinated by the way they keep the tradition, the way they preserve the kimono-dressed culture.

Wherever you walk around Asakusa and Kyoto, the colorful variety of kimono from the young girls in the shopping district, even the gleeful laughter around Golden Temple.

You can enjoy the atmosphere in the Arashimaya Bamboo Grove area between the windswept leaves, and do not miss to enjoy the typical Japanese cuisine offered by traditional stalls.

Text and images Lucy Suzanne

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Traffic Lights Off in Melbourne

End of August 31 when the lights off in traffic crossing downtown

An interesting incident at the end of the month when that may be rare at a crossroads at the intersection of Collins St and Elizabeth St, certainly invites questions from people who will be home from work around 5 pm.

The police immediately guarded on every street corner, there were more than 20 policemen on standby to keep the situation around, trams, cars and pedestrians.

Something rarely seen so far, seeing them, 5-6 policemen in the corners of the streets are preparing to avoid incidents.

Text and images Sastra Wijaya
Southeast Asia Editor at Australia Plus Indonesia
Past Radio Australia and ABC

Saturday, August 26, 2017

No Big Ben in London

The last Big Ben bell on August 21st

They say after that date you no longer hear it voice, the Big Ben. It made my trip to London seem incomplete. That is a phrase that is always popular among tourists, incomplete!

True, although still able to see the tower, there are still crowds around that big clock from outside the Parliament Building complex opposite to Westminster Station, Tower of London and London Eye.

But. I decided to go around the adjacent neighborhood area first, maybe to Piccadilly Circus and you can feel the city atmosphere that always on my favorite list.

Text and images M Kirangen

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fruits in Gouda

A good season in August

Nice season in this city to enjoy the trip, the weather is good even though sometimes I have to face the rain that comes suddenly. It's all worth it for an atmosphere around me to enjoy mint tea and kaasbroodje.

I can enjoy the pleasant seasons, the harvest of figs, apples and blackberries. And a feeling that is hard to tell, when you pick the fruits that I believe taste good.

My traveling companion is smart enough to process it into a salad mix for dinner later. You can participate if you like it while visiting this town. There are always surprises on this trip in this city.

Text and images R Rumambi