Saturday, March 3, 2018

Streets of Amsterdam

In addition to looking at the polder, long street sidewalks is worth to pass

There's always the other side of the city, everywhere you walk, not just a collection of parts of the city in the form of water polder that is connected with tunnel, I try a new way to enjoy this city. But I wanted to enjoy its long streets with the neatly arranged sidewalks in this city, and the distinctive buildings of an era of ancient royal gothic.

Something you can feel, the city is very cyclist friendly, and available 22 thousand miles of bike lanes. The city is orderly, I see it another way and also making the tourists from anywhere feel the desire to find the uniqueness of the city.

That's where I walked, and took the time to breathe in the afternoon air. If only you were here, that would be good. The cycling city, it's great for a city life of the future.

Text and images N Siahaan

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