Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Day in Rome

The historic city with its past buildings on the left and right of the street is tempting

After a strict airport check, and very disciplined at times, you can head to town by bus or train. It was quite stressful, as well as fun as a travel experience in an orderly and clean atmosphere.

You can walk every lengthy city sidewalks, recognize this city in different ways. Seeing a group of townspeople passing by, Rome is closer to walking through the ancient, artistic buildings. Understand the citizens of the city with all the activities, their daily busyness.

Something waiting to talk about Italy, do not ever miss their culinary, maybe a lot you know, but here it is all different, cappuccino, or pizza, pasta, fettucini and others, maybe even food from the middle east region.

Text and images N Devi

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