Saturday, April 21, 2018

Always about Eiffel

A stunningly romantic city icon

This is the time I've chosen to be here again, and always about the EiFfel Tower that fascinated me. In spite of many other attractions in Paris. But. It's not wrong if you always want to take a picture of this tower in various ways, but this time just two pictures for you.

See the atmosphere in the blue sky with the enchanting clouds adorning the Eiffel, the Champ de Mars area, where the iron tower stands, stretches the garden with its green grass like a rug.

Not only me, people are lining up to be able to relax around the lawn garden, others order to climb the elevator to reach the top of the design tower from Gustave Eiffel which was completed in 1889. At an altitude you can watch the classic-style buildings of Paris and the tourist-carrying ships passing by the Seine River.

Images L Priyanti

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