Sunday, May 17, 2015

Adriano Zumbo taste and the Garamerica

Indonesian Resto in South Melbourne

Chicken spicy rice

A friend visiting Melbourne from Kuching, Malaysia, and it's time to enjoy the unique flavor in an Indonesian resto, Garamerica*, maybe we'll find something flavorful rice.

Indonesian food - Photo credit Garamerica Restaurant

Perhaps rice with spicy seasoning chicken, red and hot, definitely!

Stop in Adriano Zumbo before eating in Garamerica

We can feel the aroma of an Australian patissier and chef. Adriano Zumbo, known for his V8 cake, and fairytale house, when through this nice place.

Text and images Stevi Lee
*Garamerica - a combination word of garam and merica in Indonesian language, meaning salt and pepper

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