Saturday, October 14, 2017

Diwali Introduce in Flinders St.

Flinders St Station is often a promotional venue for companies or institutions

Still in the second week of October is a bustling season of activities around Melbourne's city center every weekend in promotional activities. You can see them confidently to introduce the cultural celebration of the Diwali Festival which means 'the line of light'.

One of the greatest celebrations in Hindu beliefs every autumn in the world where there is an Indian community, then known as the Festival of Light. As a symbol of victory over the darkness that is celebrated for five days.

You will feel the scent of light in this event, say from candles, lanterns and fireworks, and of course there are food and mithai special cakes, even buying new clothes.

Text and images Sastra Wijaya
Southeast Asia Editor at Australia Plus
Past ABC and Kompas Correspondent in Australia

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