Friday, September 22, 2017

Downtown Kyoto

The city is known to be the center of Japanese culture and art

Somehow I wanted to be downtown tonight, while the visits to temples, traditional villages, ancient buildings as well as ancient art areas can be on other occasions. Of course the mood of city festivity can not be equated with the capital, strolling around the downtown of bustling Kyoto, there's always a crowd of tourists here.

But the appeal of this city is different from what I know than Tokyo, although the hallmark of a big city with a row of big shopping centers, of course. They told me to also take time to enjoy the Arashiyama bamboo forest or to the Fushimi Inari Shrine temple.

To be honest I want to find their typical culinary, you can try tofu spice Yudofu, or maybe Uzumi Tofu, and also their Yatsuhashi sweet cake. There are many more, I will not mention all.

Text and images V Puspitasari

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