Friday, March 6, 2015

Watching "Fifty Shades of Grey"

In a multiplex cinema in Pathé Spuimarkt

Seeing the enthusiasm of the audience who wants to buy a ticket this horrendous film performances, I think deserves to become part of them. Is it because there is a sex material, explicit tempestuous, and sadomasochism scenes?

I think this romantic story of two lovers, a normal, natural, there is nothing special.

Even EL James, the author was originally written as a mockery of the "Twilight", the fantasy romance novels, see the resemblance, between Bella and Ana are both "ordinary girl", and Christian and Edward were "extraordinary" (sports cars, dance , classical music, a super rich young man) and has a dark side of life.

This story may even like the story adaptation of the movie of Cinderella with S&M spices and hot sex scenes.

Maybe the elements of humor, makes it quite feasible to enjoy. That is it.

Text A Sylvana
Images Emmanuella Widi

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