Monday, February 23, 2015

Enjoying Orange Chicken Tender

In principle similar to Fried Chicken given with seasoning sauce

Probably similar to buffalo chicken (wings), and can be used any part of chicken meat, and fried with waxed way, can also type any kind of flour at will, either buy bottled or homemade.

Seasoning can be obtained from the surf on the internet, there are slices of garlic, sliced ginger, orange peel shavings (eg Navel oranges, also allowed), and orange juice, a little wine, a little vinegrate, salt, pepper, and sugar, a little crushed pepper or red pepper chopped, then thickened with cornstarch solution, or tapioca.

Saute sliced ginger until fragrant, put sliced garlic and cook until fragrant, put squeeze lemon juice, add a little water, and add other spices, up to a small boil.

If it fits you can immediately enter its fried chicken, sweet and slightly salty tamarind. It’s okay.

In addition, should put a little soy sauce, if you like it, then when serving add the chopped green onion, and red pepper slices as garnish.

Text and image Dian Nugraheni

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